Office Stuff

“Office stuff” gets in the way!
Founders are passionate about their mission.
They’re out to change the world.
And focus is the best way to cross that finish line.

Administrative tasks like bookkeeping and payroll.Technology tasks like phones, email, and websites.
When you least have the time, there they are. Competing with your customers for attention. And even if you solve one problem, there’s another one right behind it.

The answer: Bring it to The Office Stuff.

Our mission is to take on all of the mundane, day-to-day tasks so you can focus on your passion.
We specialize in helping the self-employed army, where time, training, and technology are always in short supply.
Bridging that gap is our passion, our focus.

Call or email today and we’ll explain how The Office Stuff can put the passion back in your day..

Need something done today? Learn what great customer service is all about, by letting us help you with your current needs.

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eMail & Web

We’ll get your internet presence established, and keep it fresh. You need a change, we’re here to make it for you.

Membership Managment

We maintain your membership database, including subscription levels, applications, renewals, payments and reporting.


Recruiting donors is hard, but we make the process of receiving and reporting and donations automated and simple.

Event Registration

We make registration and payment for your events a snap with complete event registration services. Fast & Simple.


Keeping track of your finances is critical, and a pain.  Let’s our experience produce actionable reporting you can trust.


Keeping your employees and volunteers productive is critical; we implement solutions to schedule your workforce.


From email marketing, social networks, virtual phone systems, and beyond; we help you stay in touch with constituents.

Tailored Solutions

Most companies eventually need something to meet their exact needs…We will customize solutions to get the job done.


Are you maintaining proper corporate structure? Let us ensure necessary filings are completed timely, and accurately.


Everything you do, requires content. Our experience comes shining through, in content we provide for marketing and more.

You can expect to say things like....

  • Chris Barlow — Head Coach, San Diego Canoe Kayak Team

    “The Office Stuff took our Website and online platform to the next level with a professional look which included awesome support, a membership database and a management system that is user friendly and time saving. Our new found ability to manage all our programs, events and members all on one site gives us so much more time to teach kids and adults alike, the joy of being out on the water with a paddle in their hands!”

    Chris Barlow — Head Coach, San Diego Canoe Kayak Team