Just start

Just start

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If that header was enough for you, great, feel free to leave, and go get to your starting….IF you promise, to Just Start.  For the rest:

Here are some thoughts that might convince you to Just Start.

  1. You can always stop.  How freeing is that?  You aren’t committing to finishing, you are just starting.  In fact, if you already started, and stopped and started and stopped, guess what? You can Just Start again. No penalty.  For the first twenty years after college, I was always self employed, or the majority owner.  After selling our company, I was faced with an offer to work for another company.  I would no longer be in control.  I struggled with this choice, until my brother told me something very simple–“You can always quit.”  Wow. I seriously had not considered that.  So yes, The world really will keep spinning, even if you choose to stop….plus, you might not stop forever, you might just start again.
  2. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  In fact, it never will be perfect.  So lets get those initial mistakes out of the way, and move on to what works. Embrace trial and error–it works.  Try something, watch how it performs and adjust, or do more.  Do that forever.  If it ever became perfect, there would be nothing to do, and nothing to do, is probably not what you really want.
  3. You can move slowly. Starting doesn’t mean you are suddenly forced to do nothing else night and day.  Go at the pace that works for you, today.  Maybe you will go faster tomorrow, or maybe slower, it doesn’t matter. Just do something until you feel like taking a break–chances are you will end up starting again.

Still not ready to start? Find out what you are afraid of (yes, you are afraid,) and flip it upside down.  “I don’t like change” — Flip it — Maybe you actually love change, but have never pursued the change you actually want.  “There is too much competition” — Flip it — “A ton of companies have validated my idea.”  “I don’t have time” — Flip it — “I’m wasting time doing something less meaningful.”  Whatever it is, just flip it around, and consider the other side.

You won’t know if I’m right, until you start.



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