Getting paid is obviously important, and today, technology can help in many ways.
Turn the payment stuff, over to us.

Credit Cards

You simply must accept credit cards these days. Your customers demand it, reduces the time until you receive the cash, and it moves you into the professional business category.


Paypal is a great way to get started with online payments.  Your customers are familiar with it, the fee structure is simple, and it is widely supported.


Your invoices don’t have to go into your customers To-Do pile.  eMail that invoice, and let your customers click their way to moving money into your account.


Like all solutions, we’ll tie your payment systems into your bookkeeping, website, and bank accounts, so everything is updated in realtime.

Shopping Cart

Of course, your payment solution will be seemlessly tied into your e-commerce shopping cart system.  They go hand in hand.


You probably aren’t reconciling your finances to make sure everything is accounted for — we’ll do it every month, nothing slips through the cracks.