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Things sure have changed

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In 1995 when I was starting my first business “using the internet,” there was a lot of heavy lifting.  Thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on dozens of servers, software, fax boards, air conditioning units and office space.  Of course that all needed installation, configuration and constant maintenance, which meant very long days, and interrupted nights.  All this needed to be done before a single dollar of income was seen.

Fast forward twenty years, and the world of technology has certainly evolved for the better.  Need to host a website, just fire up an instance on Google’s Cloud Compute.  Server too small, just click and it’s bigger.  Run out of storage, never.  Pay for more than you need, never.  What about a phone system? Time to buy some hardware and hire a phone tech?  Nope, just get a free trial of a virtual phone, connect to your cell phones, and off you go.

You can find anything you need, at a reasonable rate.  But here’s the catch; if you don’t live and love this stuff, you will still spend countless hours researching, configuring, connecting and tweaking these systems…and you’ll make a lot of costly mistakes.  The tech world is great…for techie’s; it’s still painful for the rest.

Once you realize this, you’ll be much better off.  Stop wasting time and let somebody else take care of the website, email, financial integrations, document publishing, and the like.  You get back to what YOU love, and rest easy knowing the painful stuff is well taken care of.  It has to get done, but nobody said YOU have to do it.



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